The Treatment

Salt room treatment, as the name implies, is administered in a room that has inner surfaces coated with salt. The porous layer of salt covering the ceiling, walls and floor causes a strong negative ionization in the room's air, which by itself already alleviates breathing.

During treatment, a salt generator produces extremely fine salt dust from pure salt (NaCl) and infuses it into the room, at which point the air contains 20-100 mg/m3 of salt particles. For the treatment to be as effective as possible, it is important that the salt dust is ground from salt just moments before inhalation, because freshly ground salt particles (less than 5 µm) are active and thus rapidly permeate respiratory organs and pores on the skin. After a treatment session, the room is ventilated to remove carbon dioxide produced during treatment so that the next session can be started in clean air.

Salt dust that is inhaled with air has the effect of easing the breathing process by mitigating infections, releasing mucus and thinning out excessively thickened mucous membranes in respiratory passages. Dry salt dust also reaches the fringe areas of these airways effectively.

When salt dust penetrates pores, it absorbs moisture from the surrounding air, enabling the skin to remain moisturized and limber. Additionally, the salt has a cleansing effect.

Salt room treatment is suitable for people of all ages and can be used to treat almost all respiratory illnesses and rashes. Individuals with severe conditions should seek the instruction of a professional physician, concerning this matter. Occasionally administered medications can be reduced in accordance with the decrease in symptoms, whereas reducing frequent medications requires the counsel of a physician.

The amount of salt that actually passes into an individual's system during treatment is so negligible that no noticeable swelling or rise in blood pressure is expected.

A typical salt room treatment session lasts 40 minutes. In the case of small children and individuals with severe ailments, initial treatment sessions last 5-10 minutes. With severe ailments, the treatment process can be initiated without any production of salt dust, in which case the strong ionization caused by the room's surfaces alone has a sufficient therapeutic effect.

Salt room treatment can cause different reactions in patients. A professional salt room operator is able to identify these reactions and recommend appropriate measures regarding subsequent treatment.

Salt room treatment is clearly a health care procedure requiring treatment personnel tohave appropriate training and experience in medical treatment or therapy. Severe cases of illness require collaboration with a specialized doctor.