Package Delivery

If the customer is independently building the frame of the salt room and covering it on the inside and outside according to the drawings and instructions provided by us, this customer is eligible for discounted delivery.

Items that must be acquired separately by the customer:

  • Easy chairs for the salt room
  • A sound reproducer e.g. CD player

Builder's assurance that the salt room is suitable for an apartment or commercial property

Builder assures that Polar Salt Room is constructed in such a way that the salt inside the room doesn't get in contact with other architectures. The walls and the roof of the Salt Room are isolated and addition a plastic carpet is assembled on the floor pool-like. All of these actions isolates the Salt Room salt from the assembly room's other architectures. The Salt Room can be assembled like this in an apartment or in a commercial property with the instructions followed.

Exhaust air from the Salt Room is directed either straight outside or alternatively after filtering back in the apartment having normal ventilation. The amount of salt dust is minimal because one cubic meter of air inside the salt room contains 100 mg of salt at maximum. If the exhaust air is directed in the apartment where the salt room is constructed, it is filtered through industrial filter. Filtering decreases the salt concentration of air below one thousandth from original.

Guarantee and payment terms

The package delivery comes with a one-year guarantee, delivery by arrangement. Payment terms 14 days or by appointment. Installation-related travel expenses, etc. will be agreed separately.

Further information about construction and deliveries of the salt room can be attained directly from Polar Health Oy.